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(206) 612-8994   
Future Poly ZBrush Character Modeling Feb 2010-April 2010   
Art Institute of Seattle BFA – Game Art Design March 2006-Dec 2008   
Massive Black Workshops   
Seattle, WA January 2008   
Austin, TX June 2004   
Amsterdam, Netherlands April 2004   
Austin Community College Traditional Art Aug 2002-Dec 2005   
Fun Bits Senior Artist / VR Art Lead July 2015-Feb 2016   
Title:  Oculus Touch, Morpheus and Vive Demos
Over saw the creation of a new VR IP, in which I conceptulized and developed our visual direction with help from everyone on the team, delegated artwork creation and implimentation, worked closely with design to rapidly prototype and prove out our game play, and built out a lot of art in a short period of time for new unproven technology.  
Tools:  Maya, Rapid Rig, Advanced Skeleton, Roadkill, ZBrush, KeyShot, Photoshop, Unreal and xNormal   
Randstad (Microsoft Contractor) Senior  Artist March 2015-July 2015   
Title:  Hololens Halo Experience
Created holographic, mixed media experience, using the Hololens to augment a real world set piece:  the iconic Infiniti spaceship.     
Tools:  Unity 5, Photoshop, Zbrush, Marmoset, Maya and Houdini   
Fun Bits Environment Artist Dec 2013-March 2015   
Title:  Fat Princess Adventures
Generalist role with primary focus on creating environments from scratch to completion, including concept art development, game play and overall pipeline strategy.     
Tools:  Maya, Roadkill,  ZBrush, C4 Engine, Photoshop, 3D Coat and Headus UV Unwrap   
Volt (Microsoft Contractor) Environment Artist, promoted to Character Lead Aug 2011-Dec 2013   
Title:  Project Spark
Developed game’s visual style defined the digital art techniques used to create in-game assets, wrote-up docs for our treatments and worked closely with the tech artists and leads to build out the pipeline and workflow.   
Tools:  Maya, ZBrush, Photoshop, 3D Coat, Topogun and Headus UV Unwrap   
Airtight Games Environment Artist Nov 2010-April 2011   
Title:  Unreleased  AAA Game
Modeled and textured environment art.   
Tools: Maya, Roadkill, Photoshop, Crazybump and Unreal 3   
Luximation Films Character & Environment Artist April 2010-Sept 2010   
Title:  The Clockwork Girl
Modeled and textured art for 3D animated film.   
Tools:  Maya, Zbrush, Mudbox, Topogun,  Headus UV Unwrap, Photoshop and Crazybump   
Flying Lab Software Character Artist Aug 2009-April 2010   
Title:  Bakugan
Modeled and textured creatures and characters from concepts.   
Tools:  Maya, Body Paint, UV Unwrap, Photoshop, ZBrush and Mudbox   
Frogchildren Studios Environment Artist July 2009-Aug 2009   
Title:  The Clockwork Girl
Modeled and textured art for 3D animated film.   
Tools:  Maya, ZBrush, Headus UV Unwrap, BodyPaint and Photoshop   
Toltec Studios Character & Vehicle Artist Feb 2009-Aug 2009   
Title:  The Ball 
Created concept art and a handful of hero props for the game; most notably, the unique vehicle used at the end of the game.   
Tools:  Maya, ZBrush and Mudbox, Togogun,  Headus UV Unwrap, Crazybump, Photoshop and Bodypaint   
NPC Unlimited Environment & Character Artist Feb 2006-Aug 2008   
Conceptualized and created content for a variety of small casual games.   
Modeling, sculpting, texturing, lighting anSave & Closed rendering    
High and low poly workflow, including baking textures from high poly to low poly assets   
Fast unwrapping   
Re-topology, with solid understanding of edge flow for animation   
Rigging, weighting and animating   
Digital painting, drawing , quick sketching and prototyping   
Great at filling gaps from loose concepts   
Team player with excellent communication skills, but also works well independently  

Rocket League Silver! Sometimes...

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